Malaysian Skills Certificate Level 3: Office Administration

(Course Code: N821-001-3: 2020)

Course Objectives

The objective of the Malaysian Skills Certificate in the field of Office Administration is to generate students who :-

  • Knowledgeable and skilled in office management
  • Get skills in operating the management structure and office administration
  • Reveal the basics of quality office management
  • Train the organization's officers and staff to have appropriate grammar skills for the appearance of beauty and good social good looks in the organization
  • The basics of an effective human resource management system for organizations

Throughout their studies, trainees have to make Core Abilities assessments for every CoCU

NCS - Core Abilities

Level Title
1 Fundamentals of Employment Communication
Personal Behavior Skills
Ethical Awareness In The Workplace
Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness
2 Communication Applications
Interpersonal Behavior
Cultural Behavior In The Workplace
Health, Safety and Environmental Adaptation
3 Effective Communication
Information Technology Awareness
Leadership Skill
Ethics in The Workplace
Administrative Skills
Awareness of Health, Safety and Environmental Implementation

Evaluation Method

Component Elements
Courses Work Assessment Knowledge Assessment (Theory)

- Assignment Paper - 5%

- Quiz - 6%

- Others - 10%

> Report

> Case Studies

> Performances

- Performance Assessment - 49%

Final Assessment

Knowledge Assessment (Theory) - 5%

Performance Assessment (Practical) - 21%

Our Activities


  • Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) Level 3 by the Department of Skills Development (JPK)

Competency Unit

  • C 01: Front Office Reception
  • C 02: Office Finance Handling
  • C 03: Office Procurement Handling
  • C 04: Office Inventory Handling
  • C 05: Office Logistic Handling
  • C 06: Office Documentation Preparation
  • C 07: Staff Administration Supervision

Entry requirements

  • Malaysian
  • Aged 16 - 35 years
  • PMR/PT3/SPM students
  • Can read, write, count and has interest